The Horrible Waiting Game



The horrible waiting game. At first, after I submitted my application in October, I thought I would be fine. That I wouldn’t worry about it because “no pasa nada” right? Wrong. It was painful to wait, I have to be honest. While my fellow student teachers were getting interviews and accepting (early) job offers into December, I waited patiently. I had applied to two school districts in the U.S. and three international programs, Fulbright included. For each of those I had to wait until the Spring to hear back about the process of those.

With Fulbright, it was a little bit different. The news that I was painstakingly waiting for was not if I received the award or not, it was if I was a semi-finalist. I ended up finding that information out by the end of January when I was about to start my spring semester. At the time, I was confused by this step, I didn’t really understand what that meant. What I came to find out, was that this meant that my application was supported by the U.S. Fulbright Program and that my application was being sent to Spain to be approved by their Spain Fulbright Program. I didn’t know my chances, but I was honored to even be considered truly!

The absolute worst part of waiting occurred during this time. The time of being a semi-finalist and a finalist. It was the absolute hardest part! During this time, my only instructions were to send a transcript to the New York office and then wait. Finally, on March 17th, I checked my email and the letter was there. I had been accepted as an English Teaching Assistant for Spain!

Reading that email, all I remember is my feet going cold and my hands starting to shake! I was dumbfounded. After informing all the people who helped me through the entire process, the relaxation of being employed before graduation set in…I wouldn’t have to be jobless! YAY!

My advice for anyone in limbo, waiting for the semi-finalist email or waiting for an offer email, BE BUSY. This is extremely beneficial during that time because it gives you something else to focus your attention on besides worrying about the application. The truth is, once you hit that submit button, you cannot do anything about your acceptance…it is all done, so don’t stress. During this time, I was busy student teaching, lesson planning, and working on my Missouri Teaching Certification, I worried about Fulbright, but not all day everyday like I know I would’ve if I wasn’t busy.

That’s the best advice I can give on that part of the process, I hope that helped!

Keep Calm and Embrace the Waiting Game ❤





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