Toe Numbing Happiness

I was sitting during my lunch hour at school, checking my email and eating my carrots when I first saw the email subject head “Fulbright Application Status” My heart start racing…I knew the decision had been made. I clicked on the email and read the first line. I have to note, when exciting events happen, such as this, I tend to black out, not a full on faint, but my mind and body are not one anymore, each kind of just do their own thing! This time, it was no different. I shot out of my seat after reading “Congratulations” and said “oh, God…oh, God…OH, GOD!” My host teacher at the time, knew from the first “oh, God” that I had gotten a job.  All I remember from those first few moments were my toes going completely numb, but somehow all I could do was pace back and forth.

After the initial shock and calling of my parents, I was able to re-read the email a million times. In the email, it states that you are a finalist for the award….which when I read the email a second time, I had gone cold…I wasn’t sure if that meant I still had to go through more application and reviewing…but it didn’t! It just means that upon completion of medical clearance, bachelor’s degree, country specific information and visas, I will be teaching in Spain!


That email give you loads of information regarding the next steps, the main step is getting a doctor’s appointment scheduled to gain that medical clearance. From there on, it is pretty country specific. The rest of my posts will be in regard to Spain specifically and the process that I am going through to get there!

Hasta la proxima,




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