I Am From…

So I thought since I am just three short weeks away from moving across the ocean, I would share a poem I wrote for an Art class my junior year of college. Now I know you might be thinking “this is stupid/cheesy Makenna” and truthfully, I am going to have to agree with you. BUT with that said, I believe in order to begin to understand someone you have to listen to where they are from. I have always hated being vulnerable, I’ve always preferred to listen to someone else’s story instead, but I think that with starting this blog I have realized that I want to tell some stories too and with that, I want my readers (my friends and family) to understand where I am coming from. So here it is and BONUS I have included the video of the poem that I made for my class as well. Remember, no judgements on my videography skills (or anything for that matter). I hope you enjoy 🙂


I am from coffee grounds warming up the morning

From sweet puppy kisses and deep conversations

I am from opinions turning into arguments

And arguments reflecting a passionate mind

I am from brown foldable boxes and crisp putrid packing tape

From home is where my family is, not where my house is

I am from relationships deeper than blood and love flowing without question

Laughing with belly aches and tears streaming down cheeks

I am from freshly printed plane tickets and a rubber stamped passport

From taking the wrong cobbled stoned street and purposefully being lost

I am from intimate friendships that traverse oceans or are two steps down the hall

From twisting my tongue to speak foreign words

And no hay mal que por bien no venga

I am from never ending wonder and silent moments of awe

From a world bursting with natural beauty and cultures dripping with richness

I am forever a growing mind gravitating to the soft hum of the unknown

Taking each sunrise as a marvel and each sunset as a fortune.


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