I felt a weight lifted off of me…then I looked down and my phone was gone

The saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” In the case of Makenna’s iPhone 6s being stolen at the end of her third week abroad, the saying should truly be reversed! In 2014, when I was enjoying the party of Carnaval in Cádiz, Spain, my iPhone 4 was tragically stolen. BUT, it was my fault. I hadn’t been paying attention…between a handsome Joe Jonas Italian look alike and the copious amounts of tinto de verano… I was quite distracted and literally asking for my phone to be stolen (all fingers point to the Jo Bro as the thief, but the jury is still out).

Anyway, fast-forward two and a half years and I find myself back in Spain. Extremely paranoid about loosing my phone and checking to make sure it was secure constantly; cannot fool me twice! Wrong. After I had just checked my phone and made sure the phone was securely locked back in my purse, I was leaving a crowded club (not inebriated I might add!) I felt a weight lift off my side and immediately I looked down. Lone behold my purse was unlocked and my new iPhone was gone. It barely had a chance in Spain! *Crying Emoji*

As my heart dropped, I walked out of the club to tell all my friends that my phone had been stolen. With all the hope in the world a few rushed back into the club to search the floor, but I knew it was gone. Now I was Wifi-less and phone-less and 3:30 in the morning in Logroño, Spain. Luckily it’s a small city and I have new friends. I so much wanted to cry, but equally as much I didn’t want to seem insanely pathetic about not having a phone or Internet. #firstworldprobs

As much as I have beaten myself up in my head and would want to complain in a blog post about a lost phone, I have to be honest and say that I count myself lucky it was only my phone. I am incredibly thankful that my credit card, ID and personal wellbeing are all quite intact and safe. I told my mom it could be worse, I could be sold into sex-slavery. She didn’t find my humor. Either way, it hurts my stomach to think about my lost phone and it drove me crazy not having WiFi at my house…but things are looking up!

img-20161002-wa0002You would think after falling and twisting my ankle, feeling incredibly homesick, and then loosing my phone that it would all make the rest of my week awful. But it wasn’t! I am happy to say that my school week was amazing. I am constantly shocked by how much I love my school and the people that pack those nine classrooms everyday. They are fun, silly and full of life everyday. I am positive I will have bad days, but I am thankful that while I have been having bad days outside of school, my kiddos and the people I work with have been everything and a box of chocolates (I think I love them too much because I missed them over the weekend, WEIRD).

Another plus…I went and visited Madrid and while I was gone, my piso got WIFI!!! AHHHHHH! In Madrid, I saw and stayed with one of best friends, Chelsea, and her lovely Scottish boyfriend, Kieran, for the weekend. We walked around, saw pretty buildings and ate great food. That’s enough to lift my spirits after any bad event. The pictures img_20161001_203617relatively speak for themselves and yes, I still dream about that drink every time I look at it, but the point is, for three days I was able to mourn/forget about the loss of my phone (RIP), talk to my best friend I haven’t seen in over a year, laugh until I cried, and be humbled by a beautiful cathedral (did you go to a Spanish city if you didn’t see one?)

This past month has blown by and I am still in shock that I am a full month in. It definitely has had its ups and downs, some surprises along the way, and some tears
threatening to fall…but the truth is I still love my little city, I miss my little nuggets over the weekend and I have some fantastic new friends in Logroño. Everyday is different and everyday I learn something about the new country that I call home. My advice to any travelers who don’t want to cross “get my phone stolen in Spain” off their bucket list, well just know that I haven’t solved that one yet and I’m going to be putting my bra to good use when I get my new iPhone in December; who says that they can’t have multiple purposes!

I hope everyone else’s week has gone well! I didn’t stay up until three in the morning to watch the debates, but I did catch the majority of them the night after online! Sending all my prayers and votes I can!



PS: I got a new phone. It’s cheap and an android (GROSS) but I have a new number. Message me if you want it! 🙂


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