Churros, Chocolate, & Chuckles

This past week was the first week back after a very eventful Christmas break and I can be honest, it wasn’t the hardest, but it also wasn’t the easiest. With such an eventful break, I was looking forward to some routine…just not the 6:30 alarm. Entering school on Monday, it was a shot of normalcy and I welcomed it! By Tuesday, I was exhausted. Es la vida.

Over the past week, my head has been swimming. From “why is he not texting me back,” to “how can I defer my loans one more year?” and “Only one pastelaría a week? What?” It was chaos. No amount of miles of running nor Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have been able to assuage the frustrations, but poco a poco. It will be ok. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

The truth is, I’ve been worried and I think it’s in the water. As much as we are all trying to remind ourselves that we only have six definite months left in Spain and trying to aprovechar…the next year questions have been circulating and applications are opening. It is sometimes hard to remember that you are still in this magical place when it seems reality is sneaking up on you.

As I sat across from my lovely roommate yesterday morning, indulging in chocolate and churros of course, we both vented about our frustrations about men, school, and life in general. We were fed-up, confused, and felt like the world was crashing down.

However…six big churros and one cup of chocolate in, something changed. It started with one chuckle. Which turned into laughs, which later turned into tears streaming down my face…but from laughter. We laughed because we took a step back and looked at what we were doing, what we were so upset about, why we felt the world was ending…and it was funny. It was funny not in a pathetic way, but because we were taking life too seriously.

The thing is we are both twenty-three years old. We both graduated from college. We both are Fulbright scholars. We both are working as hard as we can to make a change in the lives of about 225 children every week. And don’t forget, traveling to different cities and different countries on our weekends. *Starts laughing*


Our lives are not ending.

When I think about all that we have accomplished and I think about how far we have come since that steaming hot day we walked off that plane; these things we are so frustrated about seem to fizzle out. Somehow we made it here and somehow we will make it through.

I get so caught up in the plan (Um, why else do I have so many calendars) and the expectations on how I think things should be turning out (you mean we aren’t supposed to get married after the first date?), that I forget that I didn’t plan for anything that happened to happen (trust me I could not have planned for the wine to be THAT good).

The point is take time to step back from these situations that make us miserable and laugh. We are too young and too accomplished to be feeling like our world is coming to an end right?

We need to accept the things that come into our life, deal with them, and then move on. Lets lighten our load! What I have found to be the best way to do that? Laugh (I recommend a ten minute Beyoncé dance interpretation, sure to make even the best dancers laugh).

The point is the world is harsh. Things are not pretty all the time. But we have come so incredibly far and there is too much to be thankful for. The world may be a bitch, but that doesn’t mean you have to be too.

So I leave you (of course) with my all time favorite quote. Not because it was said by the wisest person around (ok, that’s debatable) or that it brings so much meaning into my life. But because it reminds me to do just what is says:

“Nothing to me feels as good as laughing incredibly hard.” –Steve Carell

Remember to laugh.


Sending best wishes to everyone,




One thought on “Churros, Chocolate, & Chuckles

  1. Kate Reilly says:

    It’ like you read my mind. I’ve been back and forth a thousand times about my future and what the heck I’m doing with my life. In short, I’m living too much for the future instead of the present. And I love to be reminded to let it go- which this post did. Thanks for sharing 🙂 #whysoserious

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