My Favorite Cities in Spain: EXPLAINED –because I’m not the greatest at telling people about the places I visit

I have realized since I started this blog I have been mainly talking about life with traveling as a background setting. As much as I live to write life posts, I thought it was time to actually tell people about the different cities I have been to.

However, as I was trying to decide how to delve into all of them, I realized what might be a better idea would be to narrow it down to my favorites (because if they are my favorite, they must be your favorite too right?)

Anyway here they are, my five favorites (so far), alphabetized because I could NOT choose which ones I loved more.

  1. Haro you ready for some wine? HARO, LA RIOJA

img_0235I know, I’m hilarious you’re welcome.Besides being the city (city might be an exaggeration, it’s more like a pueblo) that I work in, Haro is a beautiful place to visit! The town is tiny, but it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and packed full of typical Spanish suburban charm. Located in La Rioja Alta, which is the northern part of La Rioja is this charming town. However, the main attraction is by far the vino. There are so many bodegas in Haro! Once you cross the river, every five steps you can bump into a wine cellar, it’s amazing. I have only been on one visita to Bodegas Bilbainas, but I have a comprehensive list of all the greatest ones and I am ready to keep trying more! Also, this town has an annual Batalla de Vino in June where you climb a mountain and throw wine at each other. Could it be any better?


  1. Mi Tierra es La Rioja, Logroño es mi pueblo (Lyrics from the Hymn a Logroño) LOGROÑO, LA RIOJA

img_0004-1If you don’t know the Logroño hymn, look it up on Youtube, you won’t be disappointed. Situated in the middle of La Rioja, surrounded by beautiful mountains is Logroño. This city is the capital of La Rioja and the main city in La Rioja in general. This city might be small and some people might be disappointed that it doesn’t have all the life of Madrid, but to me, it is perfect. The city reminds me a lot of where I went to university in Columbia because it is the perfect combination of city life, but also natural landscapes as well. This is something I value in a city I live in! Logroño has a few claims to fame, but the main two are its placement along the Camino de Santiago, the Catholic pilgrimage, and also the pinchos of Calle Laurel. What’s my favorite part? Calle Laurel. This is a famous street in Logroño that is packed with many bars are selling different types of food, but also each has their “specialty.” The food is cheap (even though you can go down to Calle San Juan for even cheaper) the wine is plentiful and it always attracts a big crowd on Thursday-Saturday nights. Logroño is an awesome little city and it has truly become my home.

    1. Round and round to Ronda. RONDA, MÁLAGA

IMG_1104.jpgIn short, Ronda is up and down a mountain. A big, curvy, dangerous mountain, that is! Situated in Málaga, Spain, in the Andalucía region is this tiny town that might almost kill you to get to, but will leave you breathless when you see the natural landscape. This city is storybook beautiful. When my family was visiting for the holidays, we decided to make the trek to this city and it instantly became a crowd favorite. What makes Ronda so jaw dropping? It has to be it’s mountains and it’s small winding old streets. These aspects give it a homey feel that relaxes you as you stroll the town. This city is a great place to visit for a day or two if you are looking for a break from the crazy and want to explore a cool mountainside city.

  1. Santander: You might not be the best bank, but your city is pretty bomb. SANTANDER, CANTABRIA 

unnamed.jpgSantander is a common bank in Spain, however if you base your opinion of the city off of the bank than you probably would never go (I’ve heard some stories). But instead, Santander, a city located on the coast, in northern Cantabria, Spain, is a wonderful city! This city is where I went solo traveling for the first time and it definitely had to been the timing of the trip, but I became enamored with everything it was and had to offer. Santander is on a bay, which overlooks the breath-taking Picos de Europa. The city also has great trails to go hiking, a cool, more alternative/relaxed nightlife and classic Spanish European architecture. I cannot boast about this city more, it truly is fantastic!

  1. If at first it doesn’t look like your car will fit down the street, let a Sevillano go first and show you how it’s done. SEVILLA, SEVILLA

img_0961As everyone who reads my blog is aware, I studied abroad here! Four and a half months of this enchanting city and it has become one of my favorite places in Spain (even though it could become your favorite in under two hours, I promise). Sevilla is located in Andalucía, Spain, which is in the southern part of the country. This city is the biggest of all the cities I have mentioned and it also the most touristy of them all. If you ever get the chance to visit or even just Google the city, you will find that it is overflowing with Old Spanish charm. From the interesting Spanish/Arabic architecture, to the flamenco dancing on the corners, and the world’s tiniest street’s I have ever seen, the city is uniquely wonderful. I cannot recommend this city enough!

So there it is! All five of my favorites in Spain (thus far)! I have been to many others that I love as well, but all of these ones I will continue to go back to whenever I get the chance! I would recommend any of the cities to anyone traveling Spain for a long time or even for a short time; they are all worth the visit!

This spring I am doing a lot more traveling so I will try to keep up my blog with the new places I go…or at least I will try.



Un abrazo,




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