Sun’s out, Guns out

The sun is out! And I’m working on my “guns” at the gym, so they aren’t technically out yet. But, the weather has been beautiful this past week and even though one of my students tried to color my face with a marker and I had to restrain him while he yelled “Hasta luego, CACA (poop),” this week has been relatively good! With warm weather, I believe it makes it near impossible to be too down for too long (I would THRIVE in a warm climate).

The end of this week marked the one-year anniversary of finding out I was accepted into Fulbright. I can still remember sitting with my host-teacher while she was talking to a student and me, jumping up from my seat and running around the school excited. It was euphoric. Wonderful. And mildly dramatic…I felt like Oprah just gave me a car on her Holiday Special, ok?

Last night, to celebrate, I went out with some friends to an Irish Pub and drank Guinness. Everyone might have thought we were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day…the green hats might have been confusing…but de verdad I was celebrating a year I could have never predicted.

To commemorate a year of my life that I could not have even dreamed of, I wrote an acrostic poem. In the words of my one true idol Amy Poehler, “the most lazy poem,” I will ever write. Here is is:

F: From the very beginning I’ve had no clue what to expect, one year later, I’ve given up on trying to find one. The wine is .80, why question anything?

U: Underdressing or overdressing during orientation and mid-year was a common occurrence. What exactly do you mean by “super casual.” Are yoga pants on the table or is there a strict jeans rule when you’re meeting the people of an international program? #Iworeadressandtights #somepeopleworesweatshirts

L: Likkeee what are we supposed to do for our side-project? I feel this has been a blanket requirement of our grant since we arrived, no one really know’s what’s going on underneath. With not too many instructions and an equal amount of “eh, well, if you can’t do it, ok,” I think the general consensus is of confusion.  Thankfully, I love my project because it works with my school and my school from back home. However, I know some people haven’t even started, puesss?

B: Brilliant, the people are truly brilliant. Fulbright has brought together some wonderfully intelligent people who are passionate about the changing world we live in and I am proud to say I was chosen to join them.

R: Running around Madrid and Burgos during orientation and mid-year were two of the most exhausting weeks of my life. Regardless of how much I am on my feet all day teaching crazy little children, it still makes me want to sleep for a month when I have to eat amazing food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Listen to brilliant people present. And then, socialize for hours on end with an open bar. How exhausting right?

I: I am blessed and incredibly fortunate for this organization and for this opportunity.

G: Gmail is my email of choice and I burn a hole in the inbox of my mentor. I would like to say that sometimes I just want to chat and also, I would love to become your best friend from four hours away, email is my way of showing my love.

Alternate G: GOOD LORD, how far away from Madrid Barajas-Airport are we?!

H: How do we go about never leaving this awesome country?

T: Thank you. Thank you for listening to all the complaints, panicked questions, and perplexing stories. But most of all, thank you for bringing the people you brought together, together. We couldn’t have done it without each other.

Looking back, the moment I jumped up from my chair in Columbia, Missouri in my fourth grade classroom, I could not have imagined my life that I have now. The good, the bad and the ugly have all made this experience unique and wonderful. I wouldn’t change a thing…except maybe the size of my tiny bed, but other than that, I can live with the gas leak #jk #nogasleak

My hope for my last few months here in Spain is that I enjoy every minute. I am currently unemployed for the next year and the stress of that knowledge is almost soul crushing when you are a planner. But, the fact is, this will be the only time in my life that I get to be in these months with these people at this time. Instead of being terrified of my future, I feel I have to enjoy the time that I have. So yes, I will eat that fifth pincho thanks.


Sending good vibes to all!


Un beso,




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