About Me

No pasa nada, meaning “no worries” in English, is a phrase I came to adopt as my truth (and my first tattoo) starting when I first traveled to Spain. Besides being a common phrase in any language, to me, no pasa nada, is a reminder to embrace whatever comes my way and to try and relax, which was a hard concept for me growing up.

But enough about that! My name is Makenna Schrader and I am currently preparing to teach in Spain as a Fulbright ETA. Throughout this whole process I have been looking all over the internet for other Fulbrighters who have gone to Spain and can share on their experiences, I have been super successful and attribute some of my decisions to those people. Since I was helped so much by them, I thought I would start to blog my own experiences in order to help others in similar situations! What I also found when I started blogging was that I have a lot to say…big surprise I am a teacher right? We love to talk! Anyway, I have dedicated a specific part of my blog to personal stories and I hope you enjoy!

A little bit about me is that I am a recent college grad from the University of Missouri. I graduated in May 2016 with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education. My minor was Spanish and I always aspired to teach Spanish someday! Besides working towards those dreams, I like to hang out with my friends doing whatever, whenever, I love to travel (obviously), journaling, the outdoors and some yoga keep the stress away and I LOVE to marathon Parks and Rec on the reg.

My hope from this blog is definitely more personal. I have so much to say and this is where I wanted to do it! BUT ALSO, I do hope to provide a little bit of insight into the world of teaching, traveling and life adventures!